Institute of Arctic Biology University of Alaska Fairbanks 2140 Koyukuk Dr. Fairbanks, Alaska, 99775 USA

Contact Information

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Research Interests

  • Genomics

Dr. Devin M. Drown

Assistant Professor

Institute of Arctic Biology Department of Biology and Wildlife University of Alaska Fairbanks

I have pursued a funded research program that is focused on spatially structured host-symbiont interactions. The broader impacts of understanding these selective forces include a better understanding of the pathogen virulence evolution and conditions necessary for disease emergence. My research incorporates fieldwork, molecular analysis, and experimental laboratory research as well as mathematical modeling to study species interactions. My research team has unique expertise to couple molecular characterization of the soil microbial communities. My lab has several years of experience characterizing the impacts of permafrost thaw on microbial communities. We have a well-established field site close to the UAF campus where we have conducted work on the active layer of soil (above the permafrost).

My research team has a commitment to broadening participation in biomedical research. Since becoming a faculty member in January 2015, I have actively engaged students in independent research. I have mentored graduate and undergraduate students with most writing and successfully funding their own independent research. I developed a course on the Human Microbiome where students use genomics tools generate and analyze next-generation sequencing data. In addition, I also use hackathons to enable undergraduates to explore nanopore sequencing technology. In those “hackathons”, we ran our own experiment and learned the basics of genomic data analysis with this sequencing platform.


  1. 2010-2014


    Indiana University
  2. 2010


    Washington State University
  3. 1996


    Grinnell College

Professional Experience

  1. 2021
    Associate Professor
    University of Alaska Fairbanks
  2. 2015-2021
    Assistant Professor
    University of Alaska Fairbanks

Awards and Honors

  • 2016
    Robert Piacenza Outstanding Faculty Award
    Honors College, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • 2015-2016
    CITE Fellowship: Chancellor's Innovation in Technology and Elearning Fellows Program
    University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • 2007-2009
    NSF IGERT Fellowship: Program in Evolutionary Modeling
    Washington State University