The Alaskan soil microbiome effects on plant health

Learn about the soil micobrial community from a permafrost thaw gradient

Decoding the Alaskan soil Resistome

Identifying specific antibiotic resistant microbes is essential for quick and appropriate treatment of ALaskan

Emerging pathogens in Ukraine

The ongoing circulation and spread of African Swine Fever Virus throughout Ukraine, coupled with the threat of transboundary disease in countries in Eastern Europe and the Caucases, highlights the need to identify and characterize the virus

Moilizing Alaskan Genomics with Nanopore Sequencing.

The overall goal of this BLaST funded two-year research project was to engage undergraduate researchers in measuring and testing the effects of the Alaska soil microbiome on ecosystem health.

Implications of Inadequate Water and Sanitation Infrastructure for Community Spread of COVID-19 in Remote Alaskan Communities

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Soil Disturbance Affects Plant Productivity via Soil Microbial Community Shifts

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Unearthing Antibiotic Resistance Associated with Disturbance-Induced Permafrost Thaw in Interior Alaska

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Complete genome sequences of seven strains of Pseudomonas spp. isolated from boreal forest soil from Interior Alaska

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Factors contributing to Anthrax Outbreaks in the Circumpolar North

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