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Over the past seven years, I have developed expertise in nanopore sequencing, a type of long read sequencing technology that was recently recognized as Method of the Year 2022 by Nature Methods. Importantly, these methods allow us to better understand the environmental reservoir of antibiotic resistance in Alaska. In addition to my work in Alaska, I worked with a global consortium (MinION Analysis and Reference Consortium) over the course of many years. This work was recently published (Reddington et al 2020). We developed and applied standardized sampling methods and sequencing protocols to investigate the microbial life in 11 rivers across three continents using MinION nanopore sequencing. I have also applied my expertise in nanopore sequencing to advancing critical scientific capacity for genomics-based biosurveillance of emerging African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) and coinfections in Ukraine (Kovalenko et al., 2019; Bezymennyi et al., 2023; Rudova et al., 2022).

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