Postodoctral Research

Indiana University

Michael Wade was my postdoctoral advisor and an evolutionary geneticist. I developed theory to understand the evolution of transmission modes in coevolutionary interactions.

Curt Lively was just down the hall and I regularly attend his lab meetings. As a researcher using the New Zealand mud snail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum) host-parasite system, we have many common interests.

Graduate Research

Washington State University

Mark Dybdahl was one of my graduate advisors and an evolutionary ecologist. I conducted my emperical research on Potamopyrgus antipodarum with Dr. Dybdahl. He also contributed significatly to my theoretical projects.

Richard Gomulkiewicz was one of my graduate advisors and a theoretical population geneticist. Dr. Gomulkiewicz mentored me on he theoretical portion of my thesis.

Michael Alfaro (now at UCLA) was on my committee and a molecular/theoretical phylogeneticist. I worked on various molecular sequencing projects of Wrasses (Halichores) as well as Tetradontiformes.

Pre-Dissertation Research 

Boston University

Paul Barber (now at UCLA) was one of my supervisors while I was a research technician. I worked on several population genetic studies of reef fish.

Phillip Lobel was one of my supervisors while I was a research techician. I worked on a molecular study of parentage and mating system of a damsel fish (Abudefduf sordidus).

University of Utah

Dale Clayton was my advisor while I was at the University of Utah. I worked on the host specificity of feather feeding lice on North American Dove hosts.

Kevin Johnson (now at University of Illinois) was a post-doc in Dr. Clayton’s lab. We worked on cophylogetic methods and molecular ecology projects.

Grinnell College

Johnathan (Jackie) Brown was my research advisor while I was at Grinnell College. I conducted a molecular systematics project on a family of Cynipid Gall wasps. The same ones that Dr. Alfred Kinsey worked on while at Indiana University. (see more)

Leslie Gregg-Jolly was my academic advisor at Grinnell College.

University of Pittsburgh

Susan Kalisz was my supervisor while I was a technician. I worked on various field and greenhouse studies of plant mating system genetics.