A tribute to graduate school

evolutionary_theoryspecies_invasionsOne of my best semesters in graduate school has to have been the one where I was taking three seminars simultaneously each reading a different book (Evolutionary Theory by Sean H. Rice, Species Invasions ed by Sax, Stachowicz, and Gaines, and Speciation by Coyne and Orr). The amount I learned was surely greater than the sum of the parts.

ottoanddayAnother semester, I spent a going through A Biologist’s Guide to Mathematical Modeling (or here) by Sarah Otto and Troy Day as part of a graduate reading group. We took our time tackling just one chapter per week and I got a tremendous amount of information out of this book. Anyone just starting out building models should take a look at this excellent book.

Also, I’ve really enjoyed many of the books in the Monographs in Population Biology series from Princeton University press.

wide2_booksKept handy and recommended