Monthly Archives: August 2016

Fairbanks Permafrost Experiment Station

This week I got to check out the US Army Corps of Engineers’ research stomping grounds, also known as the Fairbanks Permafrost Experiment Station (FPES).  Accompanied by my proficient permafrost guides, Jackson and Alex, I explored this unique study site. Together we drilled soil cores,  slogged through the rain and battled prolific mosquitoes. Fun field […]

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Travel to Toolik (68° 38' N, 149° 36' W, AK)

On August 20th, Biology and Wildlife graduate students and researchers traveled to UAF’s Toolik Field Station for an awakening taste of arctic atmosphere. Devin and I used this nine hour road trip north of Fairbanks for investigation…in the 68th degree. Toolik provided an opportunity to use the MinION sequencing capabilities in the field and sample […]

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