Mobilizing Alaskan Genomics

The Drown Lab has been awarded a two year grant to engage undergraduate researchers using new genomic technology to explore the Alaska soil microbiome. We’ll be traveling across the state and working with undergraduates using the latest Nanopore sequencing devices (MinIONs).

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Antibiotic resistance in a permafrost thaw gradient

Maddie McCarthy has been working for the past year in the lab exploring the presence of antibiotic resistance in microbes found in environmental samples. This week she presented her work finding widespread antibiotic resistance in a Fairbanks permafrost thaw gradient.  She used a combination of techniques including traditional culturing methods and antibiotic screening as well […]

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University of Alaska Biomedical Research Conference

Maddie, Anastasia, and Devin attended the 9th annual University of Alaska Biomedical Research Conference (UA-BRC). For the undergraduates, this was their first research conference and they presented their work using the MinION nanopore sequencer to explore genomics. As you can see below, they drew a crowd to their poster. This two-day conference showcased biomedical and One Health related research from […]

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